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Looking for a particular used item and you’ve found an ideal item in our listing or have been contacted through our wanted pages. Before you go any further and purchase the item, take a look at our general buyers guide below.
  • Legal Ownership:
  Always check that the seller is the legal owner of the items you intend to buy, ask for proof of ownership such as purchase document, receipts if a used vehicle, the registration document. If you have any doubts that the seller is not the legal owner, do not proceed with the purchase.

  • Stolen Items:
  Here at UsedDelhi.com we want to deter thieves from selling or offering stolen goods on this site. As we cannot physically check out the items you intend to buy. Every year numerous cars, generators, offices equipment etc are stolen and resold to unsuspecting buyers.

  • Fit for the Purpose Intended:
  Make sure that the item you intend to purchase is fit for the job, check for service and maintenance history , general condition of the item and take the time to check item thoroughly.

  • Read Description:
  Read the auction description carefully so you know exactly what you will be receiving. Buying used items online can save you money but doesn’t provide the same consumer protection rights as when buying new.

  • Shipping Price Details:
  Be sure to get shipping details before you purchase any item so the used that you isn’t more expensive than new item or expensive then regular retail prices.

  • Contact Seller Directly:
  You can contact the seller directly via the website and discuss over the item so there is no more confusion about buying the product.

  • Use Search Function:
  You will find million of products on the site and probably what you are looking for too. Be sure to make use of the search function and review all the sellers that have the item you are looking for.


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